Comparison of Methane Regulations in Different Jurisdictions in North America
Drew Nelson


Over the last few years the issue of oil and gas methane has gotten more and more attention with the IEA recently announcing that a 75% reduction is possible and a 40-50% reduction is feasible at no net cost. That reduction at no net cost would have the same climate impact in 2100 as immediately closing all of China’s existing coal plants. Additionally, the IEA notes that failure to address this methane pollution could lead to reduced demand for gas. This talk will explore what companies and policy-makers are doing to take advantage of the opportunity of oil and gas methane reductions. In particular, the talk will compare regulatory approaches from different jurisdictions and suggest common elements.  The talk will also highlight analysis on cost-effectiveness for oil and gas methane reductions as well as global efforts to improve monitoring and quantification.  The developments in company actions, policies, cost-effectiveness, monitoring and quantification will also be discussed through a lens of how this impacts Canada.