Shahad Shakir

B.Eng., Biomedical Mechanical Engineering, Carleton University (2020)

M.ASc., Biomedical Electrical Engineering, Carleton University (2023)

Shahad Shakir is a Master’s of Applied Sciences in Biomedical Engineering student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Carleton University. She obtained her Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at Carleton University and graduated in June 2020. Joining the group in September 2020, Shahad focused on investigating the microenvironment structure’s morphological effects on human fetal lung fibroblast cells, using 3D- bioprinting, non-linear optical microscopy, and image analysis methods. She also digged deeper into analyzing collagen and other structural bio-molecules using the same techniques.

Life outside of work/studies:

Shahad has a keen eye for design and believes in the true power of beautiful spaces & interiors. In her free time, she works on designing spaces for her friends and family and enjoys playing around with textures, colour palettes, and different trends. Shahad also loves to travel whenever she gets the opportunity to, and trusts that travel gives us our greatest stories, our most cherished memories, and countless irreplaceable learnings that we can choose to pay forward to others. However, she enjoys staying in Ottawa during the summer months and chooses to spend it outdoors with her family, friends, and two dogs. Other passions for Shahad include advocating for women and diversity in STEM and volunteering in organizations such as IEEE WIE, Tetra Society of North America, and ANCWT.


Joshua (Josh) Poole

B.Sc., Biology, Dalhousie University (2015)

B.Eng., Biomedical Electrical Engineering, Carleton University (2020)

M.ASc., Biomedical Electrical Engineering, Carleton University (2022)

Josh Poole finished his Masters of Applied Science in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University in 2022. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Dalhousie University in 2015, he then went on to obtain a Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering at Carleton, graduating in June 2020. Joining the group in September 2020, he has used his background in biology, combined with engineering concepts, towards the development of tissue-engineered in-vitro models. Along with the development of in-vitro models, he also applied image processing techniques in the analysis of biological images, specifically collagen and other structural biomolecules.

Life outside of work/studies:

When not working, Josh can usually be found at the gym, or in the kitchen. As an active person, he enjoys working out frequently, along with running, hiking and cycling. Cooking and baking are two passions of his, and he tries to make different food from different cuisines across the world. During the summer months, he spends a good portion of his time camping across Ontario and Quebec. Travelling and exploring either the local area or further afield is always of interest to him. He also volunteers towards bringing LGBT+ refugees to Canada. Other passions of his include playing classic guitar, maintaining his aquarium, and when time permits, playing video games.


Sondos Qaoud

B.Eng., Biomedical Electrical Engineering, Carleton University (ongoing)

Summer 2021 – I-CUREUS Undergraduate Student Researcher

Sondos completed her first year in the Biomedical Electrical Engineering program in 2021 and has wasted no time immersing herself in the research world. Sondos is currently learning more about optical microscopy and image analysis. Her project is focused on understanding changes happening inside arterial walls using Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) microscopy.

Life outside of work/studies:

Sondos enjoys many activities outside of work and studying. She loves puzzles and can often be found playing chess, where she is competing to be an international master, playing cards, solving Rubik’s cubes, playing monopoly and any other board game she can get her hands on. She is quite adventurous and has plans to skydive and bungee jump in the near future. Sondos loves travelling and learning all about the different cultures out there and wishes to visit as many countries as she possibly can! Sondos once spent a whole summer watching cooking competitions, so when at home, she believes she is Gordon Ramsay and enjoys cooking all types of food and, most importantly, eating delicious creations. She also has a huge obsession with criminal TV shows and wanted to become the next Sherlock Holmes before she fell in love with biology and physics.

Current position: 3rd-year Biomedical Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student


Hanna Bugler, 2021 I-CUREUS Undergraduate Student Researcher

B.Eng., Biomedical Electrical Engineering, Carleton University

Hanna is completing her Bachelor of (Biomedical Electrical) Engineering in 2021. She joined us in the Summer and has been working really hard to interpret microscopy images of collagen fibers from 3D bioprinted samples. She enjoys solving image processing ‘puzzles’ such as finding ways to define specific regions in images when the images present almost no patterns…

Life outside of work/studies:

Outside of work and studies, Hanna enjoys playing a variety of sports including hockey, basketball, and wakeboarding and spending time outdoors at the cottage. She also enjoys volunteering with Carleton University mentoring and teaching young girls about STEM.

Current position: Master’s student, University of Calgary


Aidan Lochbiehler

B.Eng., Biomedical Mechanical Engineering, Carleton University

Life outside of work/studies:

Current position: Master’s student, Carleton University