Challenge What’s Possible

At Carleton University, there is a special page called ‘Challenge What’s Possible‘,  where very interesting research focused on solving big problems is showcased.  Dr. Mostaço-Guidolin talked a little bit about the group work focused on understanding asthma by combining tissue engineering, imaging and cellular biology. You can read the article here.

Ingenious Talks

The Faculty of Engineering and Design’s acclaimed Ingenious Talks lecture series is now online! Launched in 2014, Ingenious Talks engages the community in discussions of timely and innovative ideas in engineering, design and technology. Each talk consists of a 40-minute presentation with a researcher who dives deep into their cutting-edge research.

Dr. Mostaço-Guidolin was invited to share some of the projects currently happening at the BioImaging and Tissue Engineering Lab. Did you miss her talk? Watch the recording here.

BEaTS Research Radio

Each week on BEaTS Research Radio at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, early-career scientists and investigators deep dive into the ever-changing, rapidly evolving world of Science in one-on-one conversations with scientists, breaking down the science in terms you can understand.

BEaTS Research Radio’s Podcast (English)

BEaTS Research Radio’s Podcast (Portuguese)

Podcast Special Episode – Shining a New Light on Asthma 

American Thoracic Society (ATS) – Journal Club

Webinar presented in collaboration with Dr. Emmanuel Osei about how the defective fibrillar collagen organization by fibroblasts contributes to airway remodeling in asthma

ATS Journal Club