If you are interested in joining the group, we are always interested in hard-working motivated people who want to apply their knowledge of science (for example engineering, physics, chemistry, computer science, biology, etc…) and their skills to create new 3D in vitro tissue models, use different imaging modalities, and develop strategies to analyse data for leading-edge applications in tissue engineering.

Please send me in a single PDF your CV, your academic transcript, and a brief statement of interest detailing the reasons you would like to work with us. Please do not forget to add the title of the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.  Also note that to be eligible for internally funded graduate positions, MASc applicants must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada. PhD candidates (international, Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada) are welcome to submit an application and are all eligible for internal funding.

Currently, we have the following positions open:

Sorry! There are no open positions at the moment.


External Funding Opportunities 

We especially welcome graduate students holding graduate scholarships. If you are interested in applying for external funding opportunities, unlisted positions are available at any time. Below is a list of some opportunities available to prospective students who wish to join the lab:

Graduate students (Canadian citizens and PRs)

– Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee MSc Scholarships
– NSERC Doctoral Scholarships
– Ontario Graduate Scholarship
– Canada Graduate Scholarship Masters program
– Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Click here for details
– Alexander Graham Bell and NSERC Graduate Scholarships


International* graduate students

– Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Click here for details
– Global Affairs Canada International Scholarship – See details

– Latin America and the Caribbean – Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) – See details
– International Scholarship Opportunities for non-Canadians – See details

*International applicants are also strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships from their country of origin.