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The Department of Neuroscience invites you to scroll down our fantastic list of Carleton Neuroscience alumni. On this page, you will discover a directory that showcases profiles of our students, which include a little bit about them, their career path, advice, as well as their contact information.

In this department, we strive to foster an environment where students have access to a diverse group of mentors and peers. Representation plays a major role in student success and feelings of belonging in academic spheres, but not all students feel they can relate to their peers, teaching assistants and instructors who may have very different racial, ethnic and/or cultural, as well as educational backgrounds.

By increasing the visibility of diverse groups in our field, our hope is that students may feel they can connect in a meaningful way with at least one member of this directory. Each individual in this directory has specified their availability on their profile, so whether you find social support, career advice, or you simply feel represented in our department by browsing this list, we hope this directory will be beneficial for you!

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