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Since its launch in 2010, the Department of Neuroscience has grown exponentially while attracting talented faculty and students alike. Carleton University is recognized as a global leader and pioneer in the field of neuroscience. In addition to its emerging strength in the area of neurodevelopment and plasticity, the department established its international reputation for its research on the effects of stress on brain processes and mental health.

[Alt-Text: A sign with “Pelican Residential School Monument and Memorial Garden” nailed onto two wooden poles in a mowed lawn with a couple smaller trees and one large tree. There is a lake and a teepee in the background.]

Researchers: Alfonso Abizaid, Argel Aguillar-Valles, Hongyu Sun, Hymie Anisman, John Stead, Kim Matheson, Melissa Chee, Robyn McQuaid, Shawn Hayley

[Alt-Text: There is a blue plate filled with different vegetables and a slide hard-boiled egg. Beside the plate on the bottom right is a halved avocado, egg, and sliced root vegetable. On the left side of the plate, there is a smaller plate with pepper and a branch of white flowers beside it.]

Researchers: Alfonso Abizaid, Hymie Anisman, Melissa Chee, Patrice Smith, Shawn Hayley, Zul Merali

[Alt-Text: A black and white image of Golgi-impregnated neurons in the cortex of the brain. The neurons shown in white make up an extensive network against a black background.]

Researchers: Argel Aguillar-Valles, Hymie Anisman, Kim Matheson, Matthew Holahan, Patrice Smith, Robyn McQuaid, Shawn Hayley, Zul Merali

[Alt-Text: Individual neurons with blue-stained cell bodies and yellow-highlighted processes (dendrites) against a black background.]

Researchers: Hongyu Sun, Matthew Holahan, Mike Hildebrand, Patrice Smith, Shawn Hayley

[Alt-Text: On the left side, there are purple-stained cells in the hippocampus and brown-labelled neural projections that connect to these neurons.  These neural projections can also be seen to pass through the purple-stained cell bodies forming new connections as the brain develops.]

Researchers: Alfonso Abizaid, Argel Aguillar-Valles, Hongyu Sun, Matthew Holahan, Mike Hildebrand, Patrice Smith

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