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The Carleton Neuroscience Society (CNS) is an undergraduate society dedicated to hosting social events for the neuroscience community at Carleton. Open to anyone, this society is a great way for undergraduate students to interact with their peers and profs in a non-academic setting.

Our mission is to build relationships between members of the neuroscience community in order to create long-lasting friendships and provide networking opportunities to our bright students. Our society also collaborates with the Carleton Psychology Society, the Carleton Cognitive Science Association, and the Stigma Ends at CU campaign, allowing students in similar disciplines to interact and share new perspectives.


Throughout the academic year, the CNS hosts many social events for students to engage in. Below are a few of our favourites!

The Brain Ball: Each spring, the CNS hosts a formal for those in the neuroscience community to enjoy a night of dancing, food, drinks, and fun!

Meet the Profs: A chance for students to network with their professors outside of the classroom. This is a great opportunity to learn about a professor’s lab work and start thinking about thesis supervisors, as well as get to know your profs on a more personal level.

NeuroTalks: These are various lectures given by neuroscience professors throughout the year on the hottest topics in neuroscience, such as concussions and marijuana’s effect on the brain.


Our volunteers are the reason the society can be so active and engaged. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the time and energy you put into planning, organizing, and hosting our events.


The neuroscience faculty at Carleton is outstanding in every way. They are always willing to attend events, they advertise events to classes, and they encourage our students to get involved. The personal touch the faculty gives allows for such a close-knit society and department here at Carleton.

Student Groups Outside of Neuroscience

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