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Contract instructors are not eligible to supervise undergraduate honours projects or graduate students.

Fall 2018

NEUR 4001 Special Topics in Neuroscience – Neurobiology of SleepCatherine Smith
NEUR 4202 Seminar on Current Research in Neuroscience and Psychiatric DiseaseJennifer Phillips
NEUR 4301 Neurobiology of Energy HomeostasisSamantha King
NEUR 5201 Statistics for Neuroscience IAhmed Almaskut

Winter 2019

NEUR 1202 Neuroscience of Mental Health and Psychiatric DiseaseSamantha King
NEUR 3401 Environmental Toxins and Mental HealthCatherine Smith 
NEUR 3402 Impact of Lifestyle and Social Interactions on Mental HealthElaine Waddington Lamont
NEUR 4001 Special Topics in Neuroscience – Introduction to NeuroimagingJennifer Phillips
NEUR 4203 Seminar on Current Research in Neuroscience and Clinical NeurologySamantha King
NEUR 5202 Statistics for Neuroscience IIAhmed Almaskut
NEUR 5800 Special Topics in Neuroscience – Influence of the prenatal environment on well-being: pathways and mechanismsBarbara Woodside 

Full year courses 

NEUR 4905 A Honours WorkshopAshley Thompson
NEUR 4905 B Honours WorkshopNafisa Jadavji 

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