NEUR 4900 – Independent Study – 0.5 credits

  • For students who can secure a Neuroscience faculty supervisor and determine a suitable topic
  • To be treated as a course in terms of workload, faculty involvement and the development of a defined project
  • Is for 0.5 credit. Is one semester long only, can be done in fall, winter, or summer. (Please note that despite only being 0.5 credit, you would be enrolled in it over the entire summer).
  • Must be a topic in which you have a keen interest in exploring to advance your Neuroscience education
  • In collaboration with the supervisor, you must develop a comprehensive course outline that includes, but is not limited to: title of the course, objectives, assignments and grade allocation, meeting times and dates, assignment due dates, a list of topics with assigned readings.
  • To find a faculty supervisor, review the faculty pages of this website and begin to align your interests. Faculty members can be reached by email.
  • Once a supervisor has been secured you have discussed interests, you can begin work on the course outline. This should be done well in advance of the course start date (which follows the regular academic term) because the course outline and course development will take some time to develop.

Please submit the completed and signed NEUR 4900 application form by email to or deliver it in person to the Undergraduate Office. Deadline for submission is the last day of course registration for each term. *Note: NEUR 4900 is a one semester course (0.5 credits). NEUR 4900 requires full summer registration despite the fact that it is 0.5 credits only, so you must abide by the full summer session registration deadlines.*