Carleton University has a long history of engagement in research involving northern communities, and focusing on northern environments. Students and faculty across the campus are engaged in a wide variety of northern research activities. We have developed cuNorth as an informal research network in order to share funding, research, and career news opportunities.

This website has been developed as a communication tool to share northern research resources with a broad audience, with a specific emphasis on supporting students pursue their northern research goals. In particular this site supports students in applying for, using, and reporting on Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) funds for northern field research. It also encourages connections between the University of Ottawa and Carleton University northern researchers by hosting information on the annual Ottawa-Carleton Student Northern Research Symposium (OCSNRS).

We are always looking for ways to improve this site to better serve the northern research community at Carleton, so please contact the Northern Research Committee Chair to identify technical issues or to suggest additional content.