point_framingIt is highly recommended that all students and supervisors working in remote northern field locations should acquire adequate training and certification in wilderness first aid, and/or in using any specialized equipment or machinery. It is important to identify if this is needed, and sign up for relevant courses, well in advance of any field work. This should also be one of the considerations included when completing the Field Safety Form.

Carleton University sometimes organizes and hosts wilderness first aid training or courses, and there are also accredited local organizations who offer such courses at various times throughout the year. If you have a group of 5 – 10 participants already arranged, it may also be possible to set up a training opportunity with local organizations tailored to the timing, season, and type of field work anticipated.

Some common considerations identified in the past have been:

  • Wilderness First Aid certification
  • Firearms Possession and Acquisition License
  • Vehicle Operation Licenses (e.g. driver’s license, boat operator license, training/experience with all-terrain vehicle or snowmachine operation)
  • Training/licencing for operation of any specialized field equipment (especially motorized, e.g ice augers, drills, etc.)
  • Training in handling or analyzing biohazard materials
  • We’d like to make this list more specific and comprehensive – please let the Northern Research Committee Chair know of any specialized training/licensing you have had to acquire in the past so we can expand this listing


Please discuss the most appropriate option for you, and/or your research team, with your supervisor. If you would like to receive specific recommendations for wilderness first aid training organizations or opportunities, specialized training requirements, providers, or opportunities, please contact the Northern Research Committee Chair directly.