Tanya RumbleTanya Rumble has been named by WXN (Women’s Executive Network) as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women, a Top 100 Award Winner for 2023. She’s the Executive Director of Development in the Faculty of Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University and Co-Founder of Recast Philanthropy — and a recent graduate of the MPNL program.

“The recognition of being named one of Canada’s top 100 most powerful women is humbling,” Rumble says. “However, the honour comes in knowing that the work I have done in the fundraising and philanthropic sector has made a positive impact. My work has been squarely focused on re-centering power to those who have been structurally disadvantaged in our sector, including Indigenous folks, racialized folks, queer folks, trans folks, disabled folks, people who are members of the communities served by charities, and many others.”

Read “Follow the Money: A Study of Gift Acceptance Policies and Practices at Canadian Universities,” a report for the MPNL program by Tanya Rumble, Bill Mintram and Ellen Doty. The study examines if and how gift acceptance policies and practices account for: ethics; Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI); and reconciliation, decolonization and Indigenization.

“This work requires being critical of our sector, but that criticism comes from a deep love for the profession of fundraising and the practice of philanthropy,” she adds. “This provides me with continued momentum to write, research and speak about the opportunities to ‘recast philanthropy’ through the Recast Philanthropy Community of Practice I co-lead, through continued research on the gift acceptance project that began under Susan Phillips and Jennifer Connolly’s supervision as a major research project in the MPNL program, and through the work I do daily with colleagues, donors and charitable organizations across the country to upend and rebalance the inequity and power imbalances that have become normalized in philanthropy.”

“I often say that money is not the most important part of impact in the charitable sector, because it exists where there is something worth catalyzing,” she says. “Similarly, this award validates the work that led to this honour and for that I am grateful.”

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