The University and PSAC, Local 77000 are proud to announce the CU-PSAC Postdoctoral Research Awards to be held on Thursday December 7, 2023 from 9:00 am. to 1:00 p.m. in Richcraft Hall, Room 2228.

The University welcomes applications from current Postdoctoral Fellows or those who held an appointment as a Postdoctoral Fellow as of May 1, 2022. For example, if you were employed as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Carleton on or after May 1, 2022, you are eligible to apply for the research awards.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday November 1, 2023. For 2023, there will be three (3) awards, each valued at $1,350, which will be issued as employment income subject to the normal and usual deductions.

The Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement will assess applications and select applicants who will be invited to present their research on December 7, 2023. Those selected will be informed by November 10, 2023. The selection criteria include: (i) having met the requirements of the application process; (ii) demonstrated contributions to Carleton University; and (iii) providing a plain language summary that is accessible to a broad audience.

Those selected will present their research to an interdisciplinary panel comprised of representatives from across the University who will assess the following factors to select three (3) winners:

Assessment of Research & Publications

  1. Innovation of research conducted at Carleton University
  2. Significance of contributions to Carleton University and/or society
  3. Impact of the research on the discipline
  4. Publication, scholarly, or creative work record

Assessment of Presentation

  1. Presentation was clear and concise
  2. Ability to effectively convey ideas to a broad audience
  3. Completeness of presentation
  4. Quality of answers to questions

Applications for the 2023 CU-PSAC Postdoctoral Fellow Research Awards are now closed.


Those selected to present on December 7, 2023 will be informed on November 10, 2023.


Thank you for your exceptional efforts in advancing the University’s research mission.