Postdoctoral Fellow candidates come to the attention of postdoc supervisors through a number of appropriate avenues, including direct communication with the faculty member. However, as a postdoc supervisor, you are also able to post advertisements for postdoctoral fellowship positions. Please see the Postdoc Job Advertisement Template for an example of a postdoc job advertisement.

Once a postdoc candidate has been selected, they must be officially appointed as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Carleton University. Faculty members must follow the steps below to appoint the postdoc and any questions about the appointment process can be directed to the Academic Relations Coordinator.

How to Appoint a Postdoctoral Fellow

  1. The Sponsoring Faculty Member completes the Postdoc Appointment Form.
  2. The Academic Relations Coordinator, located in the Office of the Deputy Provost, receives the form and begins the appointment process.
  3. The Coordinator prepares an email account and Banner ID for the postdoc candidate.
  4. If the postdoc is international, the Coordinator initiates the application process for a work permit.
  5. The Coordinator drafts an official letter of offer and sends it to the postdoc.
  6. The postdoc then reviews and signs the letter to accept the terms.
  7. The Coordinator then forwards these documents to Payroll in Human Resources (HR). The postdoc will need to visit HR (507 Robertson Hall) to be documented during their first week of work.

NOTE: Postdoc ending their contract early? Please send an email to the Academic Relations Coordinator at detailing the postdoc’s last day of work.