Community members should be aware that Limited Tendering Exceptions are only to be used under exceptional circumstances and are not for convenience. As a broader public sector institution, we are obligated to engage in competitive bidding for all purchases as required under legislative requirements and trade treaty obligations. The Limited Tendering Justification Form has been recently updated and is available on the Procurement Services website.  We encourage you to review the  Procurement Policy and contact Procurement Services if you have any questions.

What is an appropriate exception?

Limited Tendering Exceptions are very specific in nature. The legitimacy of those circumstances must be adequately demonstrated by completing all sections of the LTJ form, and several approvals are required. Please review the form for more details.

How do I complete my purchase?

Attach your completed form (sections 1 through 6) to a purchase requisition in eShop. Procurement Services will then review the information provided and either 1) send the form for executive approval, or 2) follow up with the requestor if more information is required.