Distance exam service will assist students in providing arrangements to write their In-person assessment off-campus. Students must be registered in an Online or Hylfex course, however, exceptions can be made for an in-person course pending written approval from the course instructor to write the exam online or there is an alternate arrangement agreed upon between the course instructor and distance exam coordinator(s). This service will be leveraging CoMaS, our automated e-Proctoring software, to ensure the integrity of the test/exam process for all students applying for distance exam service except for exceptional cases.

How do I apply to write my exams at a distance?

Please apply for your distance exams by clicking on the link below

Who can request for Distance Exam Service?

This service is available to students who are required to write an in-person exam but are studying remotely or traveling as part of their athletic program. The service requires approval from the course instructor. Students must be at least 160 km away from Carleton on exam day in order to apply to write at a distance.

How much does the service cost?

An administration fee of $92.00 for students writing in Canada, and $165.00 for students writing internationally will be applied per assessment to your student account at the end of the term. Additional fees may be included when proctoring services at a testing centre are required. Students writing internationally who use the e-Proctoring solution; CoMaS, for their distance exam will pay the domestic administrative fee for the service.

For more information on how to make a payment to your student account, please visit carleton.ca/fees or contact Student Accounts at student_accounts@carleton.ca

Service Cost Estimate per assessment
Writing Domestically or Internationally with e-Proctoring (CoMaS) $92.00 CAD
Writing Domestically with a proctor at a testing centre $92.00 CAD + Proctoring Fees
Writing Internationally with a proctor at a testing centre $165.00 CAD + Proctoring Fees

What are the deadlines for applying?

Students must apply on or before September 22, 2022 (Fall 2022 Courses) and January 25, 2023 (Winter 2023 Courses).

What if I miss the deadline for applying for a distance exam?

Late applications may be considered but can result in the application being declined.  If approved, a $25 late application fee applies. Applications received less than TWO WEEKS prior to the scheduled exam will not be processed.

Please email OnlineExams or call 613.520.2600 x1571 if the deadline for applying has passed.

Who will invigilate my distance exam?

All distance exams will be written online and invigilated by CoMaS except for those with exceptional circumstances that prohibit the use of technology (i.e., technical infrastructure issues), and for these cases, we will identify a proctor at a post-secondary institution and send the exam securely for writing on paper at the institution.

When do I receive details about CoMaS?

CoMaS invite/details are sent to students who are approved to write at a distance, one week before their exam start time. If on the 5th day before your exam start time and you have not received any details regarding your CoMaS invite, please contact OnlineExams. You can find more details about our e-proctoring tool by clicking CoMaS.

When do I take my exams?

Distance students must assume that they will write on the same date as the on-campus students, however, the start time may be adjusted due to time zones, etc.

I live near campus; can I still apply for this service?

Students within 160km of campus are not eligible for this service.

What if I am ill on the date of the exam or need to change the date of my exam?

All date changes must be approved in writing by the Professor and submitted to the OnlineExams. You can also refer to the RO website for more details on deferral exams Defer an Exam – Registrar’s Office (carleton.ca)

What if I decide to cancel my application and write on Campus?

Students who wish to cancel their distance exam application can do so by emailing OnlineExams. Cancellations received more than 7 days before the scheduled exam date will be cancelled without charge. Cancellation requests received within 7 days of the scheduled exam date will have a cancellation fee of $25 applied to their account.

What happens if I fail/forget to cancel my application and write on Campus?

Please note that students who do not wish to write an exam with distance service or do not require this service MUST email the OnlineExams to cancel their application. Failure to do so will result in a full distance exam service fee charged to your student account.

What if I am a PMC student?

PMC Students should ensure that they have registered with the Paul Menton Centre in order to receive distance exam accommodations.  Students that do not register with the PMC prior to the distance exam application deadline may not be eligible for distance exam services.

PMC students should also note on their Distance Exam Application that they are a PMC student.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Students should contact Online Exams with any further questions.