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The School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies is pleased to offer a Combined Honours in Indigenous Studies as well as a Minor in Indigenous Studies.

Combined Honours in Indigenous Studies

Carleton’s Combined Honours in Indigenous Studies engages both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students through a decolonial lens, blending traditional academic instruction with Indigenous-led approaches to teaching. The program aims to build a community of students who will lead Canada’s efforts to grapple with the complex history of relations between Indigenous peoples and Canada.

The program exposes students to core courses in pre and post-contact Indigenous Studies, Indigenous resistance, Indigenous representations, and urban Indigenous issues. Students enrolled in the program complete either a land-based  or community-based fourth-year project.

The program has four main thematic areas or suites of courses centered on Indigenous Peoplehood Studies, Indigenous ways of knowing and epistemologies, the history of Indigenous-Settler relations and colonization, and lastly, Indigenous recovery, vitalization, and reclamation and decolonization. This latter suite includes courses on Indigenous governance and contemporary issues. The four themes come together at the fourth year in a Capstone course titled “Indigeneity and the City” which focuses specifically on urban Indigeneity and the Ottawa area.

Minor in Indigenous Studies

Through interdisciplinary courses in Indigenous Studies that employ innovative approaches to learning and research, students will become familiar with a wide range of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities, histories, cultures, social and political systems, and contemporary issues.

These courses also offer insight into the relationship between settlers and Indigenous peoples, and Indigeneity in a global context.

Students enrolled in any degree program may elect to complete a Minor in Indigenous Studies. This Minor consists of 4.0 credits of coursework.