Victoria Angel (1998)

Senior Heritage Planner with ERA Architects in Toronto, Faculty Associate Willowbank and Adjunct Professor Carleton

MA thesis: The Ontario Heritage Act and the provincial program: an alternative model for heritage conservation.

Francesco Manganiello (2006)

Acting Director, Stakeholder Relations and International Affairs, Library and Archives Canada

MA RE: Cultural landscapes and the city: a holistic approach to urban heritage management?

Brenda Manweiler (2006)

Manager, Historic Places Research and Designation Program, Government of Alberta, Edmonton

MA RE: Thematic frameworks and effectiveness: the effectiveness of the Greater Ottawa Story in representing the city of Ottawa’s history

Rebecca Murray (2012)

Reference Archivist, Library Archives Canada

MA Directed Reading Project: Time, Social Media and History

Nancy Oakley (2012)

Executive Director, Yukon Historical & Museums Association

MA MRP: ‘Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints’: The Cultural Resource Management Practices of Algonquin Provincial Park

Lisa Prosper (2004)

Director of the Centre for Cultural Landscape at Willowbank

MA thesis: Cultural landscapes and world heritage: an uneasy relationship?

Christienne Uchiyama (2012)

Heritage Consultant and Archaeologist

MA Thesis: Waste of place: heritage conservation within the context of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Cristina Ureche-Trifu (2013)

Architect, RMA, PHD student, Azrieli School of Architecture

MA Thesis: Minimal intervention and decision making in conserving the built heritage 

Chris Wiebe (2008)

Manager, Heritage Policy & Government Relations, Heritage Canada, The National Trust

MA RE: The quest for a heritage conservation stewardship ethic in Canada