Cosette Arseneault-Deraps
“The School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies is well-built with a faculty that truly cares about bettering their students, and helping them grow into outstanding professionals and academics. Carleton has successfully begun to build a place where Indigenous knowledge can penetrate the walls of academia, and where Indigenous students can be taught by quality Indigenous professors who are well-known in the community. SICS places great importance on authenticity, cultural competence, and sensitivity in its Indigenous courses, which is a game changer when broaching difficult but important topics. I felt very comfortable in all of my classes with the support and understanding of the professors and SICS faculty.

I’ve been fortunate to have professors that take the time to speak to students 1-on-1 and help, whether it’s assistance for the course or looking for that “above and beyond” factor. As a student always pushing for more, I was surprised in my first year when I was able to have intellectually challenging discussions with my TAs and professors that would really push me to dig for that “extra” in my assignments and in my overall thinking. I’ve had several opportunities opened to me because of the relationships I’ve been able to create during my time with the SICS. With an environment to push students to the places they want to go, at the pace at which they choose, I fully intend to pursue higher levels of education with the support of the fantastic professors who make up the faculty of The School of Canadian and Indigenous Studies. For students looking for an enriching experience in a program that will be very relevant in today’s world, this is the place to be.”

Elizabeth Harding “Hello, my name is Elizabeth Harding I am a 3rd year Canadian studies major with a minor in sociology. For those of you wondering what the Canadian study’s program is or why might be of interest to you, I’ll offer a brief explanation based on my experiences thus far. The Canadian studies program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of Canadian culture. The variety in methodology offers insight to a multitude of perspectives. My experience in this program has been one largely shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the need for virtual delivery of courses over the last 2 years, my experience within the school of Indigenous and Canadian Studies has been an extremely positive one. I found a path to success supported by professors who care about their students and go the extra mile (or should I say kilometer).  My courses have been filled with enriching material requiring critical thinking to understand and apply to current events. My future is uncertain but my understanding of people, place, and culture, cultivated by the Canadian Studies program is sure to help me in all walks of life.”