I’m Jung, a second-year PhD in Public Policy student in the School of Public Policy and Administration. After doing my undergraduate degree here at Carleton in Arthur Kroeger College and leaving to go to UBC for my Master’s, I was drawn back to the more practically oriented research that I had been exposed to in this faculty briefly during my Bachelor’s. Given my proximity with the government here – as bureaucrat, as student, and as citizen – I was increasingly puzzled by why some of the colleagues I most looked up to were rejecting promising careers in the public service. My thesis focuses on this problem – specifically, why don’t the ‘best and brightest’ want to work for the Canadian public service, where do they want to go, and how can the government attract these talented prospects? Despite this age-old problem, my professors have been urging me to re-think the causal mechanisms driving it and have been exacting in their critique of my work; it’s this mix of theoretical rigor, innovative reflection, and grounding in reality they bring that pulled me back to Carleton and continues to push me to be a better version of myself each day.