Congratulations to the following Master’s in Sustainable Energy, Master of Public Policy and Administration and PhD in Public Policy students and recent graduate recipients of SPPA’s internal awards for 2021. These awards speak to the recipients’ hard work, dedication and scholastic excellence.

C. Lloyd Stanford Award

The award is named after and endowed by C. Lloyd Stanford who graduated from the School in 1960 with a Diploma in Public Administration and in 1961 with a Master of Arts in Public Administration. He had a distinguished public service career working with the governments of Canada, Jamaica and the province of Saskatchewan. This career involved many milestones, among which were expert contributions to the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism and the Canadian Human Rights Commission. He also served as a member of Carleton’s Board of Governors and Senate from 1993 to 1999.

Molly McGuire, MPPA

Dietrich Gunther, MPPA

C. Mervyn Beckstead Scholarship in Public Administration

Awarded annually to an outstanding student enrolled in the School of Public Policy and Administration. Endowed in 2000 by friends and colleagues of Mervyn Beckstead in honour of his dedication and service to the Region of Ottawa-Carleton. From 1992 to 2000, Mr. Beckstead served as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Region of Ottawa-Carleton, during which time he was best known and recognized for his leadership and management during the ice storm of 1998. Reports from the time remind us that the storm lasted for 80 hours, creating significant damage and an unprecedented 700,000 insurance claims in Eastern Ontario. It is fitting, therefore, that this award can continue to support students who are studying to become future leaders working in public service careers. Indeed, we are always so pleased to see the award serve to help our current students and celebrate their excellence.

Roslyn Neals, MPPA

Stephen Rush, MPPA

Sierra Woods, MPPA

Delphi Group Graduate Scholarship in Environment and Sustainable Development Public Policy and Entrepreneurship

The award was set up in 2002 by The Delphi Group, which is a national consulting firm that is a leader in work that moves the corporate sector towards business models and strategies that advance environmental and social benefits. They are a longstanding supporter of the School and Carleton. Several of our graduates have worked, and currently work, for them. They set up the award to support and celebrate student excellence in research related to sustainable energy. The award gives us a wonderful opportunity every year to recognize and praise the accomplishments of our sustainable energy students.

Tristan Walker, Sustainable Energy


Eileen Cox Graduate Scholarship in Public Administration

Eileen Cox was a long-time employee of Carleton University. Her work included serving as the Secretary to the Department of Public Administration. Her friends, family and colleagues endowed the award in her honour in 2003 as a way to recognize and support outstanding students at the School.

Taylor Switzer, MPPA

G. Bruce Doern Graduate Award

Awarded to an outstanding graduate student entering or proceeding in the PhD or MPPA program in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University. Endowed 2008 by friends of G. Bruce Doern. The award is named after Bruce Doern, one of the School’s Emeritus Professors. Bruce was, and remains, one of the most productive, giving and insightful members of the School’s faculty. His long career involved too many publications to itemize, all of which were centrally interested in practical questions of Canadian public policy. When he retired from the School, the award was established to recognize and celebrate all that he did in his time with us. We are always so pleased to see the award serve to help our current students and celebrate their excellence.

Matthew Bologna, MPPA

Sarah Bond, MPPA

Lydia MacKay Swiatkowska, MPPA

Resource Futures International Scholarship in Environmental Governance

The award is named after the local environmental consulting firm – Resource Futures International (RFI) – that has been a long-standing champion of sustainable development through its work with governments, communities and companies. RFI endowed the award in 2004 as a means to support students at the School who stood out because of their excellent research on topics of environmental policy and governance

Jamie Ness, Sustainable Energy

R.O. MacFarlane Memorial Award

This award is presented annually to an outstanding student registered in a graduate program in the School of Public Administration at Carleton University. Endowed in 1971 by relatives, friends and graduates of Carleton University, the award is named in honour of the late R. Oliver MacFarlane, the first director of the School of Public Administration, 1953-1971. The award recognizes and honours his contributions to the School. His career included appointments in the History Department at the University of Manitoba, military service during the Second World War and an appointment as Deputy Minister of Education for the government of Manitoba. From 1957 to 1959 he served as chair of Manitoba’s Royal Commission on Education. His career was distinguished by leadership and service. We take great pleasure in knowing his legacy can be honoured by celebrating and recognizing the excellence of our current students.

Hannah Dubber, MPPA

Jevera Knelsen, MPPA

Borealis Foundation Graduate Scholarship

Awarded annually by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs on the recommendation of the Chair of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering or the Chair of Electronics to an outstanding engineering student entering a Masters degree in Sustainable Energy. Endowed in 2015 by Janet and Leo Lefebvre.

Silke Popescu , Sustainable Energy

Lauren Kathryn Johnson, Sustainable Energy

SPPA 50th Anniversary Graduate Scholarship

Awarded annually to an outstanding student enrolled full-time in either the MPPA program or the PhD in Public Policy. The 50th Anniversary Graduate Scholarship was set up in 2014 to celebrate 50 years of public administration at Carleton University. The School has always prided itself on its collegiality. We celebrate individual success, but recognize that it is our collective efforts that make what we do as individuals possible. The recipient of this award embodies this idea through individual academic performance and an eagerness to give back to the School.

Megan Linton, MPPA

Wilf Wilson Memorial Prize in Public Administration

The award named in honour of Wilf Wilson, was established in 2015 by the Association of Postal Officials of Canada and Emond Harden LLP. Wilf spent his career with the Association of Postal Officials, holding stints as the National Vice-President and National President from 1977 until he retired in 1995. The award was set up to recognize excellence among MPPA students, but with a particular focus on Industrial Relations, Public Sector Collective Bargaining, and Ethics and Accountability in the Public Sector.

Benjamin Faveri, MPPA

Ian MacDonald Memorial Essay Prize

The Ian MacDonald Memorial Essay Prize recognizes the best single-authored student essay submitted as part of term-work for MPPA courses. Dora Chan, a student in the Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) program, was awarded the Ian MacDonald Memorial Essay Prize for her paper “Permanently Temporary? Status of Migrant Agricultural Workers in Canada.” Matthew Blackshaw is the runner-up for the essay, ““And how would we pay for that?”: Requisite policy instruments of a universal basic income.”

Dora Chan, MPPA

Dora Chan, MPPA

Matthew Blackshaw, MPPA

Matthew Blackshaw, MPPA

Zuhair A Hassan Graduate Scholarship

The award is named after Zuhair A. Hassan. It was endowed in 2006 by Zuhair A. Hassan who served the Government of Canada for over 30 years in various capacities. During his years of service at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Ottawa, he made longstanding efforts to nurture and mentor staff emphasizing the fundamental importance of carrying out scholarly research projects as the first step in the formulation of top quality policy advice.

Jacky Zhai, MPPA, 2021 Zuhair A Hassan Graduate Scholarship

Jacky Zhai, MPPA