Micah Ton, MA-SEThe School is very pleased to announce the 2022 winner of the Dr. Glen Toner Scholarship – Micah Ton.

The award is in recognition of Ton’s contributions to the School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA) and her excellent work as a student in the Master of Arts (MA) in Sustainable Energy (Policy) program.

“The interdisciplinary nature of the SE program was what made my experience so great,” says Ton. “Coming from a policy background, developing skills in energy economics, evaluation, and assessment tools allowed me to build unique set of skills that made me stand out to employers. On top of the course work, the small cohorts allowed me to build great friendships with my peers, and work closely with my professors.”

Throughout her time as a grad student, Ton worked as a research assistant for Professor Alexandra Mallett on a project exploring energy governance and energy system change in Northern Canada. “This work largely inspired my own research for my major research paper, where I explored the governance barriers to implementing and scaling up district heating systems in the Canadian North,” says Ton. “I had the opportunity to travel to Manchester, United Kingdom in June 2022 to present both Dr. Mallett’s research and my research at the International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science. It was an amazing opportunity to learn from leading academics in the field of sustainable energy policy.”

Ton also had the opportunity to be the co-editor-in-chief of the ISEMA journal. “Although we’ve experienced some logistical delays due to COVID, Volume 15 of ISEMA will be released shortly. Working with my peers to elevate the voices of science, innovation and the environment was a very rewarding process, and I look forward to sharing that with everyone in the near future!

“I’m excited to have taken my skills and knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my time at Carleton abroad, where I’ve been working and living in Brussels, Belgium since January 2022. I will begin a new role in September as an Energy Adviser to the European Lime Association, and I’m eager to continue to put into practice the theoretical and practical aspects of my education on a daily basis.”