As the Director for the Centre for Urban Research and Education (CURE), Chris’s main research focus examined infrastructure and urban sustainability and identified barriers and opportunities in the field. His background in public management, federal and municipal government enabled him to bring a governance lens to analyze urban sprawl and key decisions about transportation and infrastructure, land-use planning, housing and energy. His findings illustrate that governance and systems of governance are crucial in understanding infrastructure policies and choices and, ultimately, the kinds of cities they produce.

Christopher Stoney

Christopher Stoney

IN MEMORIAM    Associate Professor

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Community engagement in neighbourhood urban planning; emergency management and preparedness; intergovernmental relations; regulation, procurement and accountability


  • Recipient of the SPPA Teaching Award 2020
  • Recipient of the SPPA Teaching Award 2017
  • Recipient of the Carleton University teaching award 2010
  • Recipient of the Faculty of Public Affairs teaching award 2009
  • Recipient of the MA Graduate teaching award 2005-6; 2017
  • Nominated for university teaching award 2004-5, 2005-6 and 2008-9

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