Whether as an entrepreneur, a problem-solver or a community mobilizer – you want to be part of building a better world. You take your work and its contributions seriously. You naturally gravitate towards big challenges where the payoffs are great.

The nonprofit and philanthropic sector, one of the largest in the Canadian economy, needs people like you. In the midst of tremendous change, it needs a fresh wave of professionals with a distinctive set of skills to push boundaries, innovate and make change.

Our graduate diploma or Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership will prepare you for positions of responsibility working in or with the sector. Through a combination of an intensive and online courses, you’ll learn how to strengthen your organization and collaborate with governments and businesses to find workable, ethical approaches for addressing complex contemporary issues.


When you contribute to the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, you contribute to the well-being of society as a whole—whether it’s by supporting social services, protecting the environment or providing a voice for marginalized people.

Our graduates are the executive directors of nonprofits, founders of social enterprises, development officers for universities, hospitals and arts organizations; they are grant makers in philanthropic foundations, leaders of corporate responsibility within business, as well as the government policy makers and regulators for the sector. These are individuals who embrace opportunities to create healthier communities and a stronger nation.

The Program

Designed for experienced or aspiring professionals, our programs in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership prepare you to be more versatile and effective in your career. Through them, you will further your understanding of the legal, policy and societal contexts in which philanthropic and nonprofit organizations operate. You will develop abilities to strengthen those organizations by improving governance and managing resources. And you will sharpen the skills to identify, analyse and respond to opportunities for having greater impact. Elective courses allow you to tailor the program according to your own career interests, whether in areas of social media and marketing, responsible investing, fundraising or social entrepreneurship.

The Experience

The programs open with a two-week executive-style Summer Institute in July. An important aspect of the Summer Institute is the opportunity to meet and learn from the other students from across and beyond Canada, as well as a range of accomplished practitioners, experts and leaders in the sector. This on-site experience is followed by online and intensive one-week courses – a flexible format that makes it possible for you to complete the program while working, without relocating to the National Capital Region. Professional practicums and team-based capstone projects hosted by community partner organizations enable master’s students to transform their study into practice.

Degree Structure

The Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is made up of seven required courses, four electives and a team-based capstone project with a community partner organization. It can be completed in five terms of full-time study, or up to ten terms of part-time study. For those who come to us with extensive work experience, a professional entry option is available. Please contact us for details.

The graduate diploma in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is made up of two required courses and four electives. It can be completed in two terms of full-time study, or four terms of part-time study.

For an estimate of tuition fees, please use the fee estimate calculator.