The School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University is one-of-a-kind in Canada, known for being …

  • Innovative. Our graduate programs—whether delivered in classrooms or online, during a summer institute or through collaboration with community partners—are rooted in the fundamental aspects of public policy and administration. Although traditional in this sense, they adapt and respond to the needs of new and emerging policy areas—whether sustainability or Indigenous governance, nonprofit leadership or program evaluation. Students come away with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and address the evolving challenges we face nationally and globally.
  • Connected. We are a community of scholars, practitioners, students and thousands of alumni—a community that represents a diversity of academic backgrounds, types of affiliation and professional paths. This diversity enriches us all. Underlying it is the common and unifying desire to improve the well-being of society, whether by research, study or engagement in public life.
  • Central. Situated in the nation’s capital and in one of Canada’s most dynamic and livable cities, the School resides where key public policies are debated, decided and implemented. Studying here offers immediate access to a network of accomplished alumni, as well as proximity to co-op and permanent job placements.
  • Exceptional. The School is internationally recognized as a leading centre of teaching and research in public policy and administration. Our programs build upon more than 70 years of experience in graduate education, and the up-to-date insights of more than 25 faculty—a team of academics and mentors dedicated to cross-disciplinary inquiry, constructive debate, and practical application.