Carleton University has joined with several other Canadian universities, Cities and businesses in a unified call to support the UN climate change COP26 and the global movement to meet net zero carbon emissions. The pledge demonstrates both the support and role that the higher education organizations and networks can make towards this goal and the ambitions of Carleton to be at the forefront of this work.

As part of the petition, we have also reaffirmed the pledge to mobilize resources for action-oriented climate change research and skills creation. This goal, which is included in Carleton’s Strategic Integrated Plan, as well as the Sustainability Plan, has been demonstrated through many programs and activities on campus. One example of this is the Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design winning the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) of Canada Project Arrow design competition. The Carleton team’s design will be used to create an original, full-build, zero-emission concept vehicle.

The letter of support of the UN climate change COP26 also confirms Carleton’s pledge to meet net Zero Emissions by 2050, as outlined in our new Energy Master Plan. Our commitments are supported by the fact that all new buildings and renovations on campus are assessed against Green Globes standards. The fantastic new Sprott business school was recently awarded 4.5 globes, demonstrating a continued long-term vision for energy and sustainability of our buildings.

Carleton has also joined the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Canada and University Global Coalition, which are part of an international movement for higher education to develop solutions for a cleaner more sustainability future and acknowledge the critical role that universities have in delivering the UN Sustainable Development goals. The UN developed the 17 SDGs to provide a call to action and game plan for promoting prosperity while protecting the planet. Carleton has outlined how our plans align to these goals within our Sustainability Plan and is developing programs for student engagement towards the SDGs including out first ever innovation challenge which focuses on the SDGs with an incredible $10,000 prize purse for pitch competition winners.

These ongoing commitments and network engagement are an exciting opportunity for Carleton to advance our programs and initiatives. It also provides opportunities for engagement towards our goals of net zero emissions and delivering environmental and sustainability education across curriculum, campus, and community outreach.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 in
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