Enjoying a barbecue on a nice hot summer day is one of the many great joys of summertime and nice weather. However, did you know there are some simple changes you can make during barbecue season to lessen its environmental impact?

Try a plant based burger

  • It’s estimated plant-based meat uses 41 percent less land than fish farming, 77 percent less land than poultry, 82 percent less land than pig farming, 89 percent less than beef from dairy cows, and a whopping 98 percent less land than beef from beef herds
  • According to a report from the Good Food Institute, in comparison to conventional beef, an Impossible Burger reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 89 percent.

Opt for gas instead of charcoal

  • Gas produces far less Carbon Dioxide as a by-product of cooking than charcoal, with a study showing that gas produced nearly half the amount of Carbon Dioxide per hour as traditional charcoal. Even with gas being derived from fossil fuels, it is better for the planet emissions-wise than charcoal

Don’t use single-use plates and cutlery

  • Always avoid buying single use food products when barbecuing. If going to your friends or family and you don’t know what they have, bring your own!

Chose glass over aluminum drinks

  • While aluminum cans are available everywhere and seem like a good choice, they use a lot of plastic in their shipping processes. Glass bottle are less resource intensive than aluminum cans and can be recycled easily.

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