With more than 50 buildings and over 2,000 full-time faculty and staff, Carleton recognizes the important role that faculty and staff play in making Carleton a leader in sustainability. The Green Workplace Program is a self-guided sustainability certification that challenges the Carleton community to the lead on promoting sustainable practices in the workplace and identify opportunities to foster sustainable workplaces through individual and collective action.

About the Green Workplace Program

The Green Workplace Program evaluates sustainability efforts in the workplace at Carleton University through several key areas, such as proper waste management, food & dining, energy, and water conservation, promoting sustainable transportation, choosing socially responsible suppliers, and ensuring community engagement.

Workplaces that commit to achieving certification navigate through three levels. Depending on the number of action items your office is able to complete your office will receive Bronze, Silver, or Green Workplace certification. In order to achieve Bronze Certification over 50% of actions need to be completed, for Silver Certification over 75% of actions and a Green Certification requires over  90% of actions to be completed.

An individual green office program is also available should this be a better fit for your workplace, work from home or don’t operate within a larger team. This is available here.

How do I get my Workplace certified?

Step 1: Download the Green Workplace Carleton and contact sustainbility@carleton to register.

Step 2: Meet with the Office of Energy and Sustainability to go through the program, confirm scope of workplace and review the checklist.

Step 3: Complete the themed checklist of actions and send your completed file to sustainability@carleton.ca for a final review.

Step 4: Receive your certification and celebrate your success.

The certified Green Workplace will be provided with a resource toolkit to help support and implement sustainable initiatives, as well as promotion and recognition through the Sustainability Carleton website and social media. Certified workplaces will receive certification to promote their achievements and encourage others to participate. Each certification level is valid for two years and may be subject to an annual audit.

Certified Workplaces

Current Certifications:

Procurement Services – July 2022 (Green)

SPROTT School of Business – May 2021 (Silver)

Previous Certifications: 

Environmental Science, Integrated Science Institute and TSES – August 2015 (Gold)

Paul Menton Centre – August 2015 (Silver), August 2016 (Gold)

Housing and Residence Life Services – August 2016 (Bronze)