Technology, Society, Environment Studies

Julius Lukasiewicz Award in

Technology, Society, Environment


Call for Submissions

If you are an undergraduate student who has successfully completed a 3000-level or 4000-level course in TSES, you are eligible to apply for the Julius Lukasiewicz Award.


Apply to: Michelle Santoianni (

Submission Deadline: November 4, 2016

What to submit: one page description of work that you intend to carry out during your fourth year (honors thesis or some other project theme of the research must address the interaction of Technology, Society and the Environment). Students in programs that do not require such fourth-year work can substitute suitable work to be carried out in a TSES independent studies course. 

What else to submit: a signed statement by your supervisor indicating that they are supervising your work.

Amount of award: 1 award of $1100.00 will be made in 2016.


Once your submission is received it will be considered by members of the TSES Committee who will recommend recipients based on the quality of the submission together with the feasibility and appropriateness of the proposed work. The reward will be featured on the TSES website together with biographical material about the recipients and a brief summary of their proposed work.