Each month we are profiling one of our Web Services team members. This month we hear all about Zahra, a senior web developer on our team with a focus on research.

How did you enter this career?

Back at school I was very good at mathematics, physics and computing, so I decided to study Computer Science at university, during that time I had an extremely strong interest in programming and the challenges. I started my programming journey by learning the C programming language and like most developers I have enjoyed learning and working with several programming languages so far and always eager to learn more and more, and challenge myself.

Where else have you worked? 

Prior to joining the Web Services team at Carleton University, I was working at Assent Compliance, the global leader in supply chain data management and one of the most successful startup companies in Ottawa.

Before that I was living in Montreal and worked as a developer on several interesting projects in the IOT field.

What are some of the technologies you have used along the way?

It is not possible to list all technologies or tools which I have used over my career, but I’m always learning and improving my knowledge and skills. Several years ago I was more interested in back-end development but after learning and working with Angular, I found myself more interested in front-end and JavaScript frameworks, and these days I have more focus on React, Next.js and Typescript.

What are the best things about your job? 

The team, and the environment are the best things about my job. I love the team I’m working with, a friendly and fun, high skilled collaborative team.

The management gives us the opportunity to use the latest technologies and tools and it’s a dream come true for developers, also we are always encouraged to learn and develop our skills.

Do you have some exciting projects you are working on right now?

I’m currently collaborating on an amazing ongoing project, and soon I’ll be working on a research project, which is very exciting for me because it will be a huge help for researchers at Carleton university.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Most of the time I listen to pop Persian music.

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m currently reading The 7 habits of highly effective people. I have received this book for my birthday.

What do you do outside of work to amuse yourself?

I love yoga, especially hot yoga. I used to go to the gym and do hot yoga a couple times a week but in the new world I do yoga at home, also I love to watch horror and action movies in my free time.

What exciting plans do you have coming up in the next year?

I love traveling, for this year I have plans to travel to some amazing places around the country.