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Accessibility Review

We pride ourselves on having a web community that is deeply committed to accessibility. Carleton’s content creators proactively seek ways to improve website access for everyone.

To support you in enhancing website accessibility, we offer a comprehensive accessibility review service.

Here’s how we help you improve your sites:

Our Approach

  1. Automated Scanning: We use the PopeTech scanning application. It uses the WAVE tool from WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind). This tool checks multiple pages of your website.
  2. Manual Review: We also perform manual checks on a selection of pages to identify issues that automated scans might miss.

Our Reporting

When you request a report, we will:

Our goal is to help you understand and remedy any issues to make your content even more accessible.

Ready to improve your site’s accessibility? We’re here to support you in creating an inclusive and accessible web experience for everyone.

Thank you for your dedication to accessibility. Let’s continue to lead by example!

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