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Accessibility Resources

Below are some tools you will find useful in creating accessible content or informative about the experiences of those with disabilities accessing websites.



WebAIM (AIM = Accessibility in Mind) is a great resource for aspects of accessibility including:


There is a great breakdown of different tools (and different types of tools) featured on the AIM website. You can read their assessment of different tools here.

Code Sniffer

Code Sniffer is a bookmarklet [a link you keep on your bookmark bar but which runs an application rather than takes you to a website] which assesses how well-formed and formatted a web page is. It is a very useful tool although some of its results are pretty technical. You can download Code Sniffer here.

Colour Contrast Checkers

These are tools which assesses whether there is a great enough contrast between a text colour and the background on which it is overlaid. Black on white is deemed best but sometimes we need to use another text colour (eg, for links, aor to attain a branding goal.) Visit AIM’s Contrast Checker, or you can google “colour contrast checkers” to view many other examples.

WAVE Accessibility Evaluation Tool

WAVE is a highly regarded tool for scanning sites for accessibility errors and warnings. You can try out WAVE for free.

Screen Readers

We recommend visiting media which demonstrate how people with visual disabilities access web pages. It is fascinating!


Visual disabilities

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