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Fall is Here!

Just kidding – we still have nearly three more months of heat waves, gelato, and hopefully vacations until the Fall semester starts. Thankfully, because we have all earned the respite from -30 Celsius temperatures and +30 meter-high snow banks.

But in one sense September is already here: our clients across campus are already busy requesting that CU Ecommerce sites be created, updated, and reinflated, ready for events in September, October, and November 2023. This means that everything will be prepped and perfect for the launch of their marketing drives around these events and services.

If you are having an event between now and the start of December, all you need to do to request a new ecommerce site (or edits ahead of a relaunch of an existing site) is complete the Ecommerce Support form.

In Web Services, we are well aware that by writing this story we risk being accused of trying to create panic among those of you who have not yet requested a new or resurrected ecommerce website for your event/s. Just to be abundantly clear: we are trying to create panic. Not real panic – real panic is what we in Web Services experience when people come to us on 31st August requesting an ecommerce site that absolutely has to go live the day after Labour Day. But we are trying to encourage people to plan ahead. It means that there will be fewer delays for everyone, work will be completed with greater efficiency and accuracy, and departments employing CU Ecommerce will be able to take even more money via the service.

And if this post generates panic in your hearts, you 1) should probably complete that form now, and 2) probably shouldn’t read our post scheduled for 30th June entitled It’s Christmas everyone!