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Introducing Our Dynamic Page Listing Feature

We are excited to introduce our dynamic page listing feature that is specifically intended to help our clients manage their Carleton University websites. This feature provides you with a sitemap – a comprehensive list or index of the various pages and sections within your website, to ease navigation while also enhancing your overall website management experience.

How to Use the Page Listing Feature

Using our page listing feature is an easy process, that requires only 3 simple steps to follow:

1. Log into your Carleton University web services account by visiting and entering your Carleton login credentials.

2. On the left side of the screen, navigate to the dashboard and hover over the “Pages” option in the menu then select “Audit your pages”.

3. A page listing will be displayed, presenting all your website’s pages in alphabetical order.

What it Offers

This feature offers several benefits, including:

● Simplified Site Review: easily review and assess the structure and organization of your website through the comprehensive page listing. This provides a convenient overview of your website’s content hierarchy which allows you to make informed decisions regarding page management.

● Streamlined Navigation Review: evaluate the effectiveness of your website’s navigation system by identifying the placement and accessibility of the different pages within your website.

● Enhanced Website Structure Management: gain a clear understanding of your website’s structure and content distribution. In turn, this will allow you to recognize any areas that need improvement and make strategic decisions to enhance your website.

Here in Web Services, we strive to provide the tools and features necessary to effectively manage your websites. Our page listing feature, ensures that you will have a better overview of your website’s pages, allowing for efficient updates and modifications.

Interested in doing a site review? Check out our Website Review Training!