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New CU Ecommerce website

We have launched a new website for Carleton employees to access information about our great CU Ecommerce service. Please visit the site for all info and updates about CU Ecommerce.

Speaking of ecommerce, now that it’s holiday season (yes, we’re counting Halloween as the major holiday of the year) It is time to think about commissioning CU Ecommerce for your end of academic year conference needs. Seriously, this comes about more quickly than you realize (see our news story from June Fall is here!).

If you are having an event in the Winter semester or in the post-end-of-term season in April/May 2024, now is the time to start the ball rolling. All you need to do to request a new ecommerce site (or edits ahead of a relaunch of an existing site) is complete the Ecommerce Support form. We can’t wait to help you – literally, if you wait, we won’t be able to help you!