1. General Support
  2. Website Request
  3. Website Access Request
  4. Website Training Request
  5. Carleton E-Commerce
  6. Feature Request
  7. Other

What can we help you with?

General Support

Please use the ITS Service Desk Portal for general ITS support, including:

  • Access and permissions
    • Access to Google Analytics
    • Permissions to upload banners
  • Accounts
  • Any other support requests not specified under the headings below

You can also check our CMS Help Centre or our CuTheme Training Site for help with creating, editing, and managing website content.

Website Request

You may request a new web site installation (CMS / Internal) here.

Website Access Request

Request editing access to a website here.

Website Training Request

You can access our CMS Help Centre or our CuTheme Training Site for self-guided training. These tutorials include step-by-steps, video tutorials, and activities to build your skillset. This option offers a fully asynchronous, self-paced training which is more comprehensive than our one-on-one training.

If you would prefer a one-on-one, virtual training, you can request website training here. This option covers the basics of website management (such as logging in, creating and editing content, saving and publishing your work, and creating your site’s menu).

Carleton E-Commerce

Please submit e-commerce requests here.

Feature Request

Have an idea for a website feature? Submit a feature request here.


If you need support for anything else, please visit the ITS Service Desk Portal or contact the ITS Service Desk directly at its.service.desk@carleton.ca.