Our self-guided training are virtual workshops on web-related topics. Each of our modules include step-by-step instructions and features:

  • Time estimates: On the introductory page of the module, a time estimate for the entire module will be included. Estimates for each individual unit appear on the page that they pertain to. These are only general estimates, and you can go through the modules as quickly or slowly as you wish!
  • Learning goals: Each module will include learning goals to orient your learning. Use these to measure your success in completing the module, and understand the intended outcome of each module.
  • Video: The accompanying video will cover the same information as the written module (though the format and content will not be identical).
  • Video transcript: videos will be accompanied with a video transcript, as well as closed captioning on the video itself.
  • Take action: This section will provide you with an opportunity to practice implementing your knowledge.
  • Further resources: This section will contain additional external content relating to, and expanding on, our training.

We currently offer two self-guided training:

Accessibility Training

This training intends to teach website editors current accessibility best practices in web design. Learn About Accessibility, and how to make Text, Images, Tables, and Videos accessible on the web through five comprehensive self-guided modules.

Website Review Training

A website review allows you to make informed decisions about your website. Learn how to conduct website reviews through five self-guided modules: What is the point of a site review ,Consider your website’s purpose, Do a content audit, Look at your analytics, and Review your navigation