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Time estimate

The estimated time to complete the entire module is around 40 minutes. Time estimates for individual units are listed on each page.


Learning Goals

  • Understand what accessibility is and why it matters
  • Become aware of the prevalence of disability in our community, and the importance of enabling access for persons with disabilities
  • Explore additional benefits of accessible content
  • Understand the accessibility challenges users may face, and how these can be accommodated for through designing with accessibility in mind.
  • Learn how disability may change the user’s experience of web content and how designing accessibly enable persons with disabilities to access web content
  • Consider other accessibility challenges and how these might also be mitigated through the use of design practices
  • Understand that accessible web content can provide address many different accessibility challenges at the same time
  • Consider and develop a strategic approach to making your content accessible
  • Understand accessibility guidelines and rules (such as AODA and WCAG) and how to create regulation-compliant content

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