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    1. Create an accessibility plan
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Estimated time to complete: 12 minutes

Take Action

Create an accessibility plan

No matter if your site is brand-new or years old, it’s worthwhile to strategize about how you can improve the accessibility of its content. A good way to consider your approach, as well as get everyone on your team on board, is to create a plan. This plan should include:

  1. How you will educate everyone who will be creating content on how to do so with accessibility in mind (feel free to send them to this training!)
  2. How you will review any content you already have to ensure that it is accessible (we have a checklist in Module 6 that you may use)
  3. How you will ensure that new content is created with accessibility in mind
    1. While educating content creators is an essential part of this, you might want to also consider a process for reviewing new content with accessibility in mind

Your plan should also include timeline goals to complete these tasks. Do not leave accessibility to the last minute.

Further Resources