Welcome to our website review training – 5 Steps to Review and Renew your Website!

This training is divided into five modules and a conclusion, each with a different focus.

Learning Outcomes

Each module is preceded by learning outcomes that detail what the module will teach. These provide a focus for the lesson and a preview of the main goals of the module.

Below the learning outcomes, an estimate of the amount of time it will take to complete the module will be listed. This includes both following along with the module (either reading through or watching the video) and completing the Take Action activity. The course as a whole is estimated to take around 90 minutes.


Video Tutorials

Each module has an accompanying video tutorial. While the module and the video are not identical, they cover the same information. You could choose to read through the module or watch the video tutorial, depending on your preferred learning style. Or you could both read the module and watch the video, if you would like.


Each video tutorial is accompanied with a transcript as well as captions included in the video itself.

Take Action

At the end of each module, there are a series of tasks for you to try. These will ensure help you gather relevant information and implement it throughout the modules. Keep an eye out for the worksheet in module 1, which provides a template for keeping notes and taking action!

You’ll need access to Google Analytics for modules 4 & 5. If you don’t already have access, learn how to access Google Analytics here.

Receive daily email reminders with the lessons by signing up here or clicking the Sign Up button below. Follow along with an email a day for 5 days, and you’ll have a site review within a work week!