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    1. Why are page titles important?
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Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes


Why are page titles important?

  • Accessibility and usability: if your title does not match the contents of your post, you have successfully misled and most likely frustrated the reader.
  • Capturing attention: the title plays a major role in capturing the attention of readers and persuading them to open your article.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the words in your title play a big role in determining how high a search engine will rank your post.

Overall, titles are important as they enable users to find your page via a search engine, while also saving them time and effort while using your website.

Title tips

  • Write page and post titles that clearly describe their contents
    • Use keywords related to your page or post
  • Make sure your page title is clear, succinct, and easy to understand
    • For example, Faculty and Staff List is a better title than A list of all the Faculty and Staff in our Department
  • Make sure your title differentiates its content from other pages on your site
    • For example, Faculty and Staff might mean a list of faculty and staff, or it could be a list of resources for faculty and staff.
  • Try to grab the visitor’s attention with your title. The title is usually the first (and maybe the only) thing someone will see when deciding whether or not to read your content.
    • One strategy is to meet a need with your title – use your title to describe the contents as well as why the visitor should view them.


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