As the official university term is defined as 62 “teaching days”, in some terms anomalies will be created with one section of a course having 36 hours of formal instruction and others having 37.5 or 39. The FASS policy on handling courses that extend beyond 12 full weeks is as follows:

  • In single section courses, instructors are encouraged to use the additional week to best advantage, including making up for time missed earlier in the term, or scheduling reviews.
  • In multiple-section courses where this creates an anomaly, once again instructors should use the additional class(es) to make up for any previous meetings that were cancelled or to provide a review opportunity.
  • In multiple-section courses where no classes need to be “made up”, and there is no need for a “review”, at the discretion of the instructor, and with the permission of the chair/director, the formal class may be cancelled, but the instructor should make her/himself available to students for office consultation.

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