One or more Teaching Assistants may be assigned to your course to assist with course delivery. You will be informed by your unit of the name(s) of the TA(s) assigned to your course, together with the number of hours available for each TA. One full TA for one term is 130 hours, though fewer hours of a given TA may be assigned to a specific course as warranted. Once TAs are assigned to a course, instructors are required to assign work duties (e.g. leading discussion groups, holding office hours, marking) to their TAs.

If TAs are expected to proctor examinations, this must be included in the assigned duties and included as part of the allocated hours. Instructors are strongly encouraged to meet with their TAs early in the term to discuss this assignment of duties and any other issues related to the course. (Please note that practices in individual departments may vary slightly regarding TAs and instructors should be sure to inform themselves of any departmental regulations or expectations).

Additionally, all instructors must complete the electronic TA Assignment of Duties form for each TA, showing the duties assigned to that TA and the number of hours assigned for each duty. This form can be found on Carleton Central under Faculty Services – TA Management System. Once the instructor assigns duties, TAs themselves must go on to Carleton Central and sign off on the hours assigned to them.

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