It is not uncommon for students to experience a range of mental health challenges that significantly impact their academic success and overall well-being. Carleton has begun to address this problem by developing a Mental Health Framework.

In addition, to help ease the stress and aid students’ transition to university life, a new compassionate First-Year Grading Policy came into effect in 2022-23, which automatically converts all F grades in a student’s first two terms to NR (“No Record”) and allow students to convert any passing letter grade (up to 2.0 credits) to CR (“Credit”). Courses that receive an NR designation will not be included on a student transcript, and CR courses will not be factored into a student’s CGPA.

A number of mental health resources are available to students, and can be found at the Mental Health and Well-Being website. Instructors should include a mental health statement and links to this page and other resources on their course outlines and ensure that students are aware of them. See the Course Outline Template for suggested text.

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