My name is Laura. I am another Carleton student. I am someone you would pass on campus. I am definitely someone you would see in St. Pat’s, or in the AVRC. I was savouring my university experience at Carleton and delighting in as much Art History as I could find. In the forefront of my mind, however, was the opportunity to study in Venice.

When Professor Klebanoff introduced it to us in our Italian Renaissance class, I placed a mental embargo upon the idea. Me, studying in Venice? No way that could ever plausibly happen. Surely, no dream of mine could ever unfold so exactly and flawlessly as that one. But I could not dismiss Venice. Because the stuff of Venice – its art, its cuisine, its allure – is the stuff of my soul, and what moves me. I became obsessed. Every academic effort was drenched with the sweat of Venice. Every personal effort was saturated in questions of how it would propel me forward to the one place I had to go to.

Photo: Open-air-cafe-in-Venices-Piazza-San-Marco

Two months ago, I received the most beatific news since falling in love with Art History: I was one of the five selected to study at University of Warwick in Venice. I would have the privilege of living and learning in one of the most dazzling and art-replete cities in Europe. It is surreal to even contemplate visiting Venice’s beauty, let alone to fathom observing the art inches away from one’s face as opposed to feet away on a projector screen. I’m going to the home of my soul, and I can never want more than that.

Photo: Venice gondola