Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for admission to the master’s program is an Honours bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent) in art history or a related discipline, with at least high honours standing. Related disciplines may include anthropology, history, and Canadian studies. Applicants without a background in art history may be required to take up to a maximum of 2. 0 credits in certain designated courses from the undergraduate art history program in addition to their regular program.

Language Requirements
Students are required to demonstrate a reading knowledge of French (or another language to be approved by the Art History graduate supervisor).

Qualifying Year Program
Applicants who do not qualify for direct admission to the master’s program may be admitted to a qualifying-year program. Applicants who lack an Honours degree, but have a 3-year degree with an honours standing (at least B overall) will normally be admitted to a qualifying-year program. Refer to the General Regulations section of the Graduate Calendar. 

The Application Process

Proceed to the application system via the Graduate Admissions site, click on “Apply Online!” section on that page, or go directly using the button below:

image for link to online application

Please note that the second language is an exit requirement, NOT an entrance requirement. It can be satisfied either by testing or by a course.