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Tips and Information for Incoming Students

Our students, faculty and staff have compiled a guide that we think may be useful for newcomers to Ottawa and Carleton. Inside, you’ll find tips and information about important services and facilities on campus, along with a list of some of our favourite places in Ottawa. We hope this will help get your year off to a good start.

Carleton Art History Undergraduate Society (CAHUS)

cahus logoThe Carleton Art History Undergraduate Society (CAHUS) is committed to bringing together Art History and History and Theory of Architecture undergraduate students at Carleton University to form an engaging and culturally rich community. The society hopes to provide a forum to connect like-minded people and encourage networking opportunities with fellow students and faculty. The society strives to provide students with opportunities to gain experience that will benefit their future endeavours, through art-related events and collaborations.

The Art History Graduate Student Society

Logo of the Art History Graduate Student SocietyThe Art History Graduate Students’ Society (AHGSS) provides students with opportunities to engage and interact with faculty, students, and staff in the Department of Art History, on both academic and social grounds. It allows for cross-disciplinary collaboration through its seat on the GSA Council and through partnerships in conferences and event planning. Benefiting from its capital advantage, AHGSS endeavours to foster close, working relationships with other artistic and cultural institutions in Ottawa and beyond. AHGSS promises to enhance student life and enrich the graduate experience. Learn More…

RENDER Graduate Journal

RENDER Journal CoverRENDER is a student-run publication dedicated to the dissemination of ideas rooted in visual culture. It is produced in association with Carleton University’s Art History Graduate Students’ Society.

Recognizing that academic work can often be an isolated process, it is the purpose of the journal to provide graduate students with an open forum to circulate their ideas to a wider audience.