Ottawa is home to a large array of cultural institutions and organizations, and we put that advantage to work for our students. Students are offered the opportunity to spend time working for organizations related to their studies and their interests (for example, Parks Canada and the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada), and receive academic credit in return. This ‘Practicum’ program provides invaluable ‘real-world’ experience for students, expanding their network of contacts and enhancing their résumés.

If you are in the HTA program and are interested in participating in the Practicum program, please contact Gül Kale for more information at

Application deadlines

  • Fall Practicum – July 31
  • Winter Practicum – November 21
  • Summer Practicum – March 31

PDF Information and Application Forms

If you are interested in doing a Practicum, please read through the following documents:

Application Instructions

  1. Request an override for the course via Carleton Central.
  2. Email application form and polished resume to before the deadline.
  3. Once the applications have been received, a match will be suggested and your application will be forwarded to an institution.
  4. If the institution is interested, the on-site supervisor will interview you and contact the school with their decision
  5. If you are accepted, the Undergraduate Administrator will approve your course override. You should then enroll in the course via Carleton Central.
  6. Meet with the on-site supervisor to determine your hours and core duties and to fill out the required forms. You must give the completed forms to the Undergraduate Administrator (SP 423) no later than the first week of the semester

Work Placement Forms

Next Steps

Once you have been accepted to the Practicum program, please follow the instructions below:

All Carleton University students who are participating in unpaid placements that are part of their course requirements must fill out the two forms below. Please note: If you are not a registered student, you are not eligible for insurance coverage.

Step 1: Students must print and complete both forms:

Step 2: Students must return the signed forms to their departmental co-ordinator no later than Oct. 15 (fall term), Feb. 15 (winter term) and June 15 (summer term).

Step 3: Students must obtain health and safety training from their placement employer.

Step 4: Questions about these forms, should be directed to

Please report any health and safety concerns related to unpaid work placements to your departmental coordinator and Tony Lackey, Director of Risk and Insurance at Carleton University.