Conversation with Dr. John Goodall: the Castle

Caernarfon Castle

This is the fifth in my series of ‘medieval’ podcasts – that is, podcasts created as part of my 2nd-year undergraduate course on medieval architecture and art at Carleton University. These podcasts are part of my re-thinking of what a ‘lecture’ can be in the age of asynchronous teaching.

The topic is castles, and my guest is Dr. John Goodall. John is the architectural editor of Country Life magazine and author of the multiple award-winning book The English Castle (Yale University Press, 2011).

Here’s my conversation with John:

Find out more about John Goodall’s book, The English Castle, here.

Music was by Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music, from their CD A Golden Treasury of Mediaeval Music. It’s available for purchase, or can be streamed on Spotify.

And here are a few castles through the ages that fit John’s definition of the word:

Rochester Castle, built for the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1127

Conwy Castle, built for Edward I, 1283.

Herstmonceux Castle, built for Sir Roger Fiennes, 1441.

Blenheim Castle, built for the Duke of Marlborough, 1705.

Casa Loma, built for Sir Henry Pellatt, 1911.

Peter Coffman

Supervisor, History & Theory of Architecture, Carleton University