Photo of Sarah Mihychuk

Sarah Mihychuk

Hello, I am Sarah!

I am a second-year Art and Architectural History masters student with a concentration in Digital Humanities (a very concise title). I am originally from Winnipeg, but I have done all my post-secondary education here in Ottawa (about seven years). I began with the Applied Museum Studies program at Algonquin, then with Carleton for my undergrad and my masters.

I have many interests, but my focus of study revolves around the video game Minecraft. I am currently working on my MRP with supervisor Dr. Michael Windover, where I am exploring the intersection of Minecraft with design history, looking to a translucent blue kettle from 1997 as a case study.

Minecraft joke: What is a Creeper’s favourite subject at school?
Art HissssSSSStory!

(This joke is funny if you play Minecraft, trust me).